It‘s so nice you visited our website, for the smallest, the merriest and the greatest our four-legged friends –RUSSIAN TOYS, or in their simpler name Russian longhaired toy terriers It‘s a really tiny, merry and playful, faithful and devoted friend, a little guardian and joy of your home as well as the keeper of your soul and piece. He will never make you sad or leave you alone, he will make you smile and will pass his everlasting happy mood and playfulness to you. He is so small but his tiny heart has huge immeasurable love to his master.
     What could be better than good spirit and a cosy home full of liveliness! We‘ve tried that. Believe us, our home is always full of uproar and life and there‘s always fine atmosphere. We live in a small homestead not far from the city, so the little members of our family (if weather conditions are fine) spend their time outside. They have what to do there, they’re full of energy while playing and romping around and they are interested in everything that walks, flies or creeps past them. They ‘re real fusspots :) ))
     We intentionally named our breeding ground ‘’Joy drop’’, as each of our little friends and they all together bring something new and something good into our lives every day, they make us smile, give their energy, merriness, naughtiness, good mood and love!
     You don’t believe us? Try it out yourselves.
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